NORTHLAND: Mists of Time. Ngapuhi Myths and Legends. Bunty Howearth. 2003 1st edition.
10 legends of Nga Puhi told in English with lovely illustrations.
The author is of Nga Puhi descent and worked with her tupuna on this book.
76pp; b/w illustrations; glossary. Soft covers.


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GISBORNE, EAST COAST:  Horouta. A History of the Horotua Canoe, Gisborne and the East Coast. Rongowhakaata Halbert. Prepared for publication by Te Nonoikura Harongs, Peter Gordon and the Rongo Halbert whanau. 1999 1st edition.
The histories and whakapapa of the people who settled from East Cape to Northern Hawkes Bay.
Nga Ariki: the early tribes.
Ngai Tahu; Rongowhakaata; Ngati Kahungunu; Te Aitanga a Mahaki; Ngati Porou
Wahineiti; Te Aitanga a Hauiti; Ngati Ira; Ngati Ruanuku; Ngati Pokai; Ngati Ruawaipu
Very detailed histories, includes hapu – too numerous to list here, land connections, and 130 whakapapa charts.
Maps showing the names and locations of Land Blocks,
496pp; maps; indexes to the story, place names, personal names, Tribal names, maps, whakapapa; whakapapa charts; very large thick hard cover book with Dust Jacket


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HAURAKI PLAINS:  Waihou Journeys. The Archaeology of 400 years of Maori Settlement. Caroline Phillips. (2000) 2004.
An archaeological investigation undertaken on the Hauraki Plains.
The book uses Maori oral history, European written accounts, environmental reconstruction and archaeological excavation and analysis to build up a picture of Maori social and cultural change over 400 years.
Map of locations of Maori settlements, another showing principle land claimants (named), Waihou river c 1880. Locations of areas cultivated or used as a food source by Maori, with names of crops/foods. Many old photos
An important, well researched work.
194pp; b/w photos; maps, plans; tables and charts; index; bibliography; glossary; appendices. Soft covers.


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TAUPO:  Tuwharetoa. A History of the Maori People of the Taupo District. John Te Grace.(1959) 2005.
Tuwharetoa trace ancestry to Ngatoroirangi the high priest of the wakaTe Arawa. Tuwharetoa was his direct descendant. Land in the Taupo district is traced to Tia and Kurapoto who arrived in Te Arawa, and the sons and some grandsons of Tuwharetoa.
The voyage of Te Arawa from Rangiatea, the journey to Taupo. Tuwharetoa the man.
Original tribes in the area. The waka Maatatua. The people of Maruiwi and their destruction.
Journeys and battles .Introduction of Christianity. Hau Hau. Te Kooti in Taupo.
Tongariro National Park. Native fish of Taupo and the introduction of trout.
Extensive whakapapa and waiata. Old photos and portraits.
567 pages; b/w photos; index; bibliography; whakapapa charts; maps; thick hard cover book with Dust Jacket.


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NGATI KAHUNGUNU:  Nga Taumata. A Portrait of Ngati Kahungunu. He Whakaahua o Ngati Kahungunu. 1970-1906. Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Inc/National Library of New Zealand. 2003 1st edition.
Based on the Exhibition: Ngati Kahungunu… ka moe… ka puta… Photographs are from the Samuel Carnell (Napier 1870s+) Collection of 270 glass-plate negatives held by the Alexander Turnbull Library. Text in both Maori and English.
Essays on 34 prominent tipuna, their lives and histories, each with a full page portrait photograph and most with a whakapapa.

Incl: Ihaka Whaanga; Karaitiana Takamoana; Renata Tama-ki-hikurangi Kawepo; Tareha Te Moananui; Horonuku Te Heuheu Tukino IV Patatai; Te Hapuku Te Ika-nui-o-te-Moana; etc.
184pp; b/w photos; whakapapa; bibliography;  large hard cover book with Dust Jacket.


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WAIKATO:  Nga Iwi o Tainui. The Traditional History of the Tainui People. Nga koorero tuku iho a nga tuupuna. Compiled by Pei Te Hurunui Jones, translated and edited by Bruce Biggs. (1995) 2004.
In both Maori and English with whakapapa and waiata.
The coming of Kupe, Toi, the Tainui waka and the source of the people.
The history of the ancestors and their marriages to people from various districts. Battles. A major work.
402pp; index of people and places in the Maori text; bibliography; whakapapa; maps. Thick book with softcovers.

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Tainui. The Story of Hoturoa and his Descendants. Leslie G Kelly (Te Putu). (1949) 2002 facsimile edition.
The story of Tainui from the very beginning when the ancestors built their canoe and voyaged from Hawaiiki.
The establishment and growth of the tribe, notable events, battles, early contact with European.
80 whakapapa tables at the end plus other whakapapa throughout; waiata in Maori and English; list of persons who crewed the waka Tainui.  A very important taonga.
483pp; b/w photo; maps; index; whakapapa. Soft covers. 


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NGATI KAHUNGUNU:  The Maori History and Place Names of Hawkes Bay.  J D H Buchanan, edited by D R Simmons. (1973) 2004.
Pre Kahungunu Times; Takitimu; Taraia; Te Whatuiappiti; Te Wheao; Te Rotoatara.
Maori Place Names with history of many districts: Napier, Clive, Hastings, Omahu, Te Mata, Waimarama, PakiPaki, Tutaekuri, Ngaruroro, Tukituki, Rahuirua districts and surrounds and other incl Porangahau. Pa also.
Maps and photos of pa sites, portraits.
252pp; b/w photos; index of personal and tribal names; index of place names; general index; bibliography; Gazetteer of Maori place names (map locations); maps. Soft covers.

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TARANAKI: Maori Life in Old Taranaki. John Houston. Foreword by Danny Keenan. (1965) 2006.
The Aotea canoe and its voyage to Ao te a Roa. Divisions of the people. Northern raids
History of specific places: Parihaka, Kaupokonui, Taiporohenui, Ohawe, Heretoa Mission Station, etc.
Carving. Fire lore of the Maori.. Sayings and proverbs. Laments, karakia
List of 15 whare wananga, with names of principal tohunga.
239pp; b/w photos; whakapapa;  index; bibliography; soft covers.

Price $40
Freight Category: G