Fishing Methods and Devices of the Maori.  (1929 (1977) 2005.
The Maori as a fisherman - history.
The making and using of nets. Line fishing.
Sharks and whales. Koura and shellfish. Wheke.
Freshwater fishing:
Rituals, chants and fishing charms. Myths.
Fishing by the moon. and associated symbols.
264pp; b/w photos and drawings; diagrams; index; appendices in te Reo Maori; bibliography.
A most comprehensive work about old-time Maori fishing.  Soft covers.


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Maori Myth and Religion. Being an account of the Cosmogony, Anthropogeny, Religious Beliefs and Rites, Magic and Folk Lore of the Maori Folk of New Zealand.(1924) 2005.
Both b/w photos; index. These are two separate books.
Part 1. 424pp. Soft covers.
The definition, origin & development of Maori myth & religion.
The early writers, missionaries & explorers.
Creation, Po & Te Kore, 12 heavens, whakapapa, as recorded by elders of various tribes.
Gods of the Maori: Io. Lesser god, tribal gods, deified ancestors. Many atua named & explained.
Offerings, human sacrifice, images, stone agricultural gods ...
Tohunga, sacred places, tapu, divination.
Rituals: firemaking; birth & marriage rituals; sickness & death; war; agriculture & fishing; travelling; rain & wind charms; karakia; ...
Addenda, 20 pages in te reo Maori. Waiata, oriori, whakapapa.
Part 2. 682pp; bibliography. Soft covers.
Concepts of the spiritual nature of man & the spirit world.
Tapu; Mauri. Hau. Manawa ora.
Magic: makutu; to cause abortion; aid conception; cause various illnesses & ailments; to ascertain the cause of an illness; hoa; rahui; power of the tohunga.
Much history; stories; spells & charms contained in this section.
Mythology: Creation. Origin eg fire; snow; shellfish etc
Historical: Kupe etc
Personification: moon, ocean, compass points, mountains etc
Nature etc: lunar, wind, rainbow, Maui, lizards, taniwha; tipua; birds, sharks,
Marie and waimarie denote good luck. Tohu is a sign, tohu ora a good sign, tohu mate a bad one.
Omens connected with the right and left sides. Birds, dogs & lizards could also give signs & omens - these are explained.
Dreams & movements during sleep.
Puhore - omens of ill luck.
Omens surrounding child-birth, weaving, sickness & a remedy for toothache.
Waiata, oriori and karakia i te reo Maori.

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