Te Mahi Kete. †Maori Flaxcraft for Beginners. Mick Pendergrast. (1975) 2008
Traditions relating to flax and weaving. The plant, conservation & harvesting, preparing.
Kete and potae: projects† to make all with step-by-step instructions with diagrams.
Overhand knots, anchoring the work, making corrections.
100pp; b/w photos and diagrams; bibliography; appendix. Soft covers.

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Know Your Maori Weaving. Plaiting - Weaving - Tukutuku - Whakatauki. Murdoch Riley. 2005 1st edition. Short background history. Traditional weaving materials. Dyes. Miro.
Descriptions of weaving techniques for mats (taka); headbands (tipare); simple baskets; kete; piu piu; poi; tukutuku.
Whakatauki - proverbs and sayings.
60pp; coloured photos; b/w illustrations; small stapled booklet. Soft covers.

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The Eternal Thread. Te Aho Mutunga Kore. The Art of Maori Weaving. Miriama Evans and Ranui Ngarimu. Photography Norman Heke. 2005 1st edition.
This taonga shows the finished work of some of NZís foremost contemporary artists of whatu, raranga and whiri, who weave the eternal thread that links our past to our future. Explanation and history of each type of weaving.
Shows the work of approx 41 artists in full colour incl: Dame Rangimarie Hetet; Diggeress Te Kanawa; Kahutoi Te Kanawa; Emily Rangitiria Schuster.
Poetry throughout in both Maori and English.
176pp; b/w and coloured photos; glossary; bibliography; large. Soft covers.†

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Maori Fibre Techniques. A Resource Book for Maori Fibre Arts. Katahi hei tama tu tama. Mick Pendergrast. (2005) 2007
This book is about the making of raranga woven, plaited and whiri braided articles and garments of the Maori people and the variety of techniques used with their histories.
It has diagrams showing "how to" techniques, and also photos of finished work and†very old photos of people using and wearing woven garments and articles. This book is primarily, though, not to show "how to" but rather to show what variety there is to Maori fibre art. †Pacific Island weaving is included and compared with Maori weaving.
178pp; b/w and coloured photos; b/w illustrations; glossary. Large soft covers

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